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Welcome to the website of «Jamones y Cecinas R.Domingo», located in the town of La Iglesuela del Cid (Teruel) to 1227 m above sea level, in the heart of the mountains of Maestrazgo.

We are a family business, since several decades that we have been dedicating ourselves to the drying of ham and dried beef bull in our dryer located in the same locality. All this in a frame work to cure what gives the product a unique texture and quality, as well as is unique flavor and aroma.

We know how to choose the raw material of quality and our dedication and work make that the end result is a delicacy. We differentiate ourselves through the process of air drying, which provides a flavor and texture completely different from the ham.

The climate of the La Iglesuesla del Cid, Teruel, is suitable for drying the ham and produce a high quality.


jamon jamones cecina teruel iglesuela cid

In our store located in the center of the town of La Iglesuela del Cid, find all the products we have become famous: our cellar ham, cured ham «The Pepper»designation of origin, cured hams in our dryers, the paddle craft making the jerkyand a wide variety of home made sausages.

We also pride ourselves in our shop have a select variety of wines of Aragon,accompany them ideal for any of our products are healed.

We also have cheese from the region in its cured and semi-cured varieties, whichare also perfect with a plate of ham or sausage.

Pates of various kinds among which black olive pate typical of the region.

Ceramic samples of Teruel, which once made ​​famous in this province for their parts and their peculiar decoration in green and are prized today decoration pieces.

We offer sliced ​​and vacuum packed at the time.

Specializing in trays of sausages, we can compose a tray of sausages to suit yourtastes and preferences for you to take only what you love. Enjoy your house all the flavor of Mastership or make a gift.

La Iglesuela del Cid

Iglesuela del CidThe Iglesuela del Cid is a municipality in the province of Teruel, in the region of the Mastery. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1982.

In its 40.29 km ² can enjoy a continental climate, beautiful scenery, hiking and excellent service in local establishments.

She was famous for his dedication to the wool trade, which is the fruit of wealth that show streets with stately homes Aragonese style, with graceful wooden eaves, most of the XV to XVII. Next to them the Tower of Nublos and the City, part of the old palace Templar (XIII), and the Church of the Purification, the work of the seventeenth century.

In the vicinity include the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cid (XVI-XVIII), which has inscriptions ibéricas.La Morrón Peña, the sites of The Shawl and the Rambla de las Truchas, are places you can make nice excursions.

Iglesuela del Cid, TeruelThe beauty and excellent preservation of the town center earned in 1982 be declared a Historic-Artistic Site. There are many palaces that we are walking on cobblestone streets, the houses stand Guijarro, Aliaga and Big and beautiful examples of Aragonese Renaissance model. Perfect bill stalls in stone, large windows and arches gallery with wooden eaves worked as a cap, are the main features of these buildings which are decorated with elaborate courtyards cobblestones.

Crossing a splendid Gothic arch you access to one of the most charming areas, the Plaza Mayor. Here buildings are concentrated in very different characteristics. Of all these stands the Town Hall, built between the XIII, XIV and XV in what was the Tower of Nublos, old fortified tower that protected the town. The lower part presents a slice consists of a pointed arch. In its interior the Mudejar ceiling decorates its Plenary Hall.

Without leaving the Plaza Mayor-Daudén Matutano House (eighteenth century) opens its doors to show their beautiful baroque interiors and one of the finest examples of imperial staircase in Aragon. Today this building has been refurbished as a guesthouse of the Maestrazgo.


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